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"There is a tacit understanding that food is more important than shelter and is a need that has to be satisfied first. However, the production of food has an essential impact on the environment, and also of necessity impinges on architecture through the need to balance town or city with countryside." Brenda and Robert Vale, Green Architecture, 1991

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  • GM free Scotland

    Promoting natural food.
  • Love Food Hate Waste

    Over a third of the food we buy in Scotland is thrown directly in the bin and at least half of this could have been eaten.
  • Transition Farming

    Transition farming is the process by which UK agriculture moves away from its dependence on oil.
  • UK

  • Biodynamic Agricultural Association

    The aim of biodynamic farming and gardening is to revitalise nature, grow nourishing food and advance the physical and spiritual health of humanity.
  • Food Carbon Footprint Calculator

    The food we consume contributes to climate change; the production, packaging and transportation of food all consumes energy.
  • Sustain

    The alliance for better food and farming advocates food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals, improve the working and living environment, enrich society and culture and promote equity.
  • Common Ground

    Common Ground is internationally recognised for playing a unique role in the arts and environmental fields, distinguished by the linking of nature with culture.
  • Slow Food

    Since the 1980s, Slow Food has become an international organisation of 80,000 members in 90 countries who not only care about enjoying and retaining the diverse heritage of regional food and drink, and protecting it from globalisation, but are increasingly aware of the associated environmental issues.
  • Garden Organic

    The UK's leading organic growing charity, has been at the forefront of the organic horticulture movement for 50 years and is dedicated to researching and promoting organic gardening, farming and food.
  • Omlet Ltd

    Keeping chickens.
  • Food Climate Research Network

    The Food Climate Research Network works to research & promote ways of achieving absolute reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from the whole UK food chain.
  • River Cottage

    Self-sufficiency, food integrity, and the consumption of local, seasonal produce.
  • Big Barn

    UK local food website, helping people to find good, safe, accountable food from local sources.
  • The World

  • Brick Ovens

    Retained heat masonry bakeovens; building and using, information and links.


  • Eglu Chicken Houses

    The eglu is a coop for the 21st century, featuring spacious open plan living for 2 - 4 medium size chickens or up to 5 bantams.

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